Are you ready for the sexual experience of a lifetime?


Imagine having astral sex with your very own ‘carnal companion’ who you can call on at any time of day or night to help you indulge in whatever sexual activities you desire.


Imagine being able to enjoy whatever kind of sexual relationship you care to mention, regardless of how society would view such interactions. There would be no cultural taboos. No man-made limits. No legal restrictions.


Imagine having the romantic partner of your dreams who will always be there to love and support you in every way possible.


All of this might sound rather incredible, but every thrilling scenario that has just been mentioned is perfectly possible for those individuals who discover the ancient occult technique that will be revealed to you in a few moments….


The desire for sexual fulfilment is as old as mankind, and no matter how civilised we might appear as a species, every man and woman on the planet is still driven by the powerful urge to enjoy a variety of sexual pleasures. The exact nature of those pleasures varies from person to person. Some people are aroused by a simple night of gentle lovemaking, whilst others have preferences for much more intense sexual liaisons that more fully embrace their animalistic origins. Whatever the case, the drive to experience the ecstasy of sexual union and orgasm is universal.

The range of sexual fantasies and desires that have been admitted to by average men and women is testimony to the diverse ways in which the animal instinct expresses itself. Survey participants have reported the desire to dominate and to be dominated, to have sex with multiple partners, to give and receive oral and manual stimulation, to participate in vaginal and anal intercourse, to give or receive physical pain, to have sex with complete strangers, and so on.

In addition, many fantasies also tend to focus on specific situations and scenarios – something that is demonstrated by the number of sexual survey participants that admit to thinking about doctors and nurses, teachers and students, priests and nuns, prisoners and wardens, and more.

The problem for most people is that many of their most secret sexual urges and fantasies go unfulfilled. Few individuals are in relationships where ‘anything goes’ and their every desire can be discussed in an open and honest manner, and even fewer are able to play out their fantasies in a safe way. Indeed, some desires are deemed so taboo or perverse by society that the mere discussion of them something to be avoided.

Even people who do not consider their tastes to be particularly shocking or taboo can find themselves craving satisfaction. There are plenty of men and women who simply do not have time or energy for a relationship, or who have yet to meet a partner who they believe to be their ideal match. There are also plenty of people in relationships where both partners have very different sex drives, leaving one partner constantly hungry for more.

The good news is that there is a little-known method that enables anyone to satisfy their sexual hunger – and to indulge in any type of sexual activity no matter how shocking or taboo – in a manner that is safe, legal and completely discreet.


The Occult Secret to Complete Sexual Fulfilment

My name is Leval Montaine, and the method that I referred to a moment ago involves the creation of something called a sexual tulpa. A tulpa can best be described as a magickal being that is created through a sustained focus and concentration of mental and spiritual energy. The word ‘tulpa’ has its roots in texts relating to Tibetan Buddhism, but the concept of humans creating and interacting on an intimate level with such ‘astral entities’ is one that can also be found in many other traditions.

The existence of tulpas has been well documented (most notably by Alexandra David-Néel in 1929, for example), but the actual method by which they can be brought into being has been far less conspicuous. Indeed, when I first began my own experiments with the creation of autonomous thoughtforms more than 20 years ago, I spent months poring over obscure texts – and even more obscure translations thereof – trying to piece together a reliable method of tulpa creation that could be replicated by anyone, regardless of their spiritual background.

My early attempts to create and use autonomous thoughtforms were promising enough to encourage me to continue, but it took considerable trial and error to develop a technique that was completely foolproof. Eventually, I succeeded, and I have been working with tulpas and sexual tulpas ever since.

As I now approach the end of my magickal career, I have set down my complete method of sexual tulpa creation and use in a practical and easy-to-follow format. How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas assumes no previous knowledge of either tulpas or magick, and has been written so that anyone can benefit from my work without having to duplicate the trial-and-error experimentation that occupied so much of my own time.


How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas

How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas is a comprehensive guide which you can follow to create one or more sexual tulpas for your personal use and enjoyment. Although the magick of tulpa creation is ancient, my guide is written in modern, accessible language, and can therefore be applied by anyone. You don’t need to know anything about magick or the occult, and you don’t need any experience in those areas. Simply work through the guide, follow the instructions as presented and you will soon be interacting with a sexual tulpa of your very own.

For those of you who would appreciate a more detailed preview of my guide, here are just some of the things that you will learn:

→  Why anyone can create and use a sexual tulpa. If you have a desire to create a tulpa of your own, and you can read and understand these words, then you already have everything you need to succeed.

 The benefits of having one or more sexual tulpas. Enjoying all the sexual encounters you would like – and indulging your every desire – is certainly a big benefit, but there are several other benefits too, and some of them will probably surprise you.

 The key stages of sexual tulpa creation. The whole tulpa creation process comprises several key stages, none of which can be neglected. Each stage is explained precisely so that you know exactly how the process will unfold.

 How to create your sexual tulpa. This is the heart of my treatise, and here you will be provided with complete and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that take you through each and every stage of tulpa creation. You can use this information to create tulpas who are male, female, hermaphrodite or even non-human.

 How to use sexual tulpas. When you have created a sexual tulpa you will naturally be keen to start interacting with it. My treatise contains two sections that explain how you can do precisely that – one that teaches the elementary principles of interaction and another that teaches advanced tulpa interaction.

 How to manage multiple sexual tulpas. Some people like to have several sexual tulpas to choose from, or to play with at the same time. This section of my treatise explains the best way to set about creating and managing multiple sexual tulpas.

 Living with a sexual tulpa for the long term. As I said a few moments ago, a sexual tulpa can serve as a lifelong companion if you are so inclined, and a section of my treatise is devoted to that topic for those of you who would like to benefit from that particular dynamic.

 The process of tulpa dissolution. A sexual tulpa can be as permanent as you want it to be, even becoming a lifelong companion if you so desire, but if you wish to ‘dissolve’ a tulpa for any reason, you can do so. Full instructions are provided for that purpose, should you ever want to use them.


Common Questions Answered

Is this information for men or women?
This guide is written for both men and women. The technique used to create tulpas is exactly the same regardless of whether you want your tulpa to be male, female, hermaphrodite or non-human. Further, your tulpa can be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, as you prefer.

How tangible are sexual tulpas?
All tulpas are created from mental and spiritual energy, and the primary way you will interact with it is therefore through focused imagination, which can be likened to vivid daydreaming or creative visualization. With practice, interacting with your tulpa will feel every bit as real as interacting with a sexual partner in a vivid dream, and your physical body will usually respond in exactly the same way as it would with a human partner. A section of my guide also provides instructions on how to integrate your tulpa into your regular daily life if you would like to do that.

Are there really no sexual limits?
Because you will be interacting with your sexual tulpa in the privacy of your own imagination, there are no limits or restrictions on what you can experience. Any sexual preference, fetish or kink can be accommodated, and the only way that anyone will know about what you do with your tulpa is if you tell them.

What if I want romance too?
Sexual tulpas can be whatever you want them to be. Although, at one end of the spectrum, they can serve as purely sexual partners, at the other end they can serve as romantic life partners. You would probably want to refer to this type of tulpa as your Astral Lover or Inner Soul Mate if you prefer the romantic relationship, but the creation process is exactly the same. The topic of enjoying an ongoing romantic relationship with your tulpa is discussed fully in my guide.

Is a sexual tulpa a succubus?
According to medieval folklore, a ‘succubus’ is a female demon who aims to seduce men by engaging in sexual activity with them, and an ‘incubus’ is a male demon who does the same with women. A sexual tulpa is not a demon of any kind, but is simply a portion of your own spiritual energy. Although your sexual tulpa will have a sense of autonomy, you are always in complete control. And, of course, your tulpa can be dissolved at any time should you wish to cease interacting with it.

I’m married. Will my spouse know that I have a sexual tulpa?
The only way that your spouse – or anyone else – will know that you have a sexual tulpa is if you tell them. Of course, if you choose to interact with your tulpa in the presence of your spouse then they may well see your physical excitement, so if you want to keep your tulpa a secret it would be advisable to exercise discretion.


How Much for Guaranteed Sexual Fulfilment?

Men and women throughout history have often paid a heavy price for pursuing their sexual instincts through conventional means. More than a few have paid not only with money, but also with their businesses, homes and in some cases their health, such was their desire to satisfy their deepest desires.

If people have paid such a high price for speculative and temporary relief then how much would you pay to enjoy guaranteed sexual fulfilment for a lifetime?

$1,000? $500? $100?

The good news is that you can obtain your own copy of How to Create and Use Sexual Tulpas for just $19.46. That’s less than a single very cheap date with a flesh-and-blood partner who could well walk out of your life soon after the pizza goes cold. So which of the following would you rather have?




And remember:

 You can create sexual tulpas to fulfil any and every sexual desire you have, no matter how taboo, forbidden, kinky or depraved those desires may be.

 Your tulpas can be male, female, hermaphrodite or non-human. They can also be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, as you desire.

 You can use tulpas for sexual satisfaction as and when you want it, or you can develop romantic relationships with them.

 Your sexual tulpas will be 100% loyal to you and you alone.

 You can enjoy ongoing relationships with your tulpas for as long as you want – even lifelong relationships are possible. Having said that…

 You can dissolve your tulpas if you decide you don’t want them around anymore, and you won’t have to give any of them a cent in alimony.


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